The ongoing management and maintenance of building remain in force; especially where these address the critical safety needs of public buildings as identified in the government safety update of 27th March  – however, some contractors are unable to meet the government guidelines on social distancing as part of their work – and will therefore be unable to attend to some of their routine duties. Although we are unable to use customer funds to pay them for non-attendance – in line with the government approach they will not be penalised in the longer term for meeting the government directives in the only way they can.  We continue to place orders; however, the government guidelines on critical works are quite definitive and do require all social distancing policies to be rigorously followed. To reassure you of our approach, we have arranged for initial deep cleansing of all blocks and continue to; –

  • Review the efficiency of cleaning within highly used areas, specifically arranging cleaning and sanitation to door push plates, bannisters, lift buttons, door handles etc. please be aware that this cannot be fully effective; and we must remind all customers (as well as our contractors) to follow government guidance and support our efforts.
  • Continue to place reactive orders for repairs and maintenance – alongside the proactive approach to development safety and certification.
  • Please be aware that we continue to liaise closely with contractors and suppliers to review their BCP’s. The majority of our professional contractors have already supplied us with their Health and Safety approach to the current crisis; and the remaining contractors have been advised by us on the approved policies.
  • We do continue to recommend that resident meetings or community events are postponed at this time – or we can continue using Wilson Hawkins hosted video conference (all part of the service no charge)– and property management visits have been curtailed until deemed appropriate. 


In line with the current Government and NHS guidance, there is likely to be a number of our residents who will choose, or be required to, self-isolate. In these circumstances, we must request that you:
  • Follow the guidance and information provided at:
  • Make your managing agent and all visitors aware of the circumstances (including contractors and staff requesting access to your apartment) that you or another member of your household are self-isolating. It would also be valuable to know when this isolation period ends.
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