Right to Manage

Would you like help to take over the management of your building or block?

A change in the law in 2002, has given many leaseholders the ‘Right to Manage’. This legal right allows the leaseholders to group together to form a limited company which can take control of the management of their building. This right stands, whether or not there is fault with either the Freeholder or incumbent Management Company.

The ‘Right to Manage’ is suitable for flat or apartment leaseholders wishing to run their block. It allows them to have more control over most communal expenditures, such as insurance, cleaning and works.

Obviously, there are some restrictions on who is eligible to take the ‘Right to Manage’. However, the property managers at Wilson Hawkins have the expertise to advise you if your block or property qualifies under this legislation, and then to guide you through the legal process if you decide you with to assert your ‘Right to Manage’.

If you are interested in managing your block, then we would be delighted to act as your Managing Agents! Just contact us to arrange a meeting where we can assess your eligibility under the law and to understand your requirements. We will fully support you during your transitional period, providing advice, help and information whenever needed.

Once your Right to Manage is in place, as your managing agents, the Wilson Hawkins property management team will liaise directly with your Board of Directors in order to ensure that your property is managed the way you (the residents) wish.

If you want to exert your Right to Manage, call 020 8869 7963 or e-mail and one of our experts will be ready to help you.

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