Company Secretarial Services

Wilson Hawkins has in-house system which will make sure your business complies with legal requirements imposed on Property Management Companies:

  • Registered office address
  • Company Secretary 
  • Completion of the Annual Return
  • Maintaining the Statutory Registers
  • Regular reminders for company statutory accounts preparation
  • Filing all documents required at Companies House on time (so avoiding financial penalties and reputational risk)
  • Preparing documents, notices, resolutions and minutes.

Current Company Secretarial Charges

  • Company secretarial role  will be charged at £60 per annum 1st January to 31st December
  • Resignation of director £25
  • Appointment of Directors £60
  • Issuing membership or share certificates £75
  • Calling AGM or Extraordinary meetings: notices to attend £75
  • Minute taker fee £50 per hour of meeting including typing up of minutes
  • Filling confirmation statements £60
  • Filling for Significant Control £50
Companies House fees and VAT  to be added to the above .

General Additional Admin Charges (to individual lessee)

  • Letter before action  £75
  • Instruction of solicitors for overdue ground rent or service charge £200 + legal fees (starting at £250+)
  • Answering Questions from the lessees where excess work arises from the unreasonable expectations of those lessees.      £60 per hour
  • Negotiating with local and statutory authorities £50 per hour
  • The Deed of Covenant £75
  • Supply of lease £20
  • Out of hours, Emergency call out of WH Property Manager. £100 call out + £50 per hour thereafter.
  • Postage £2 + Royal Mail Charge (No VAT)
  • To register with ICO £50
  • Pre-contract enquiries LPE1 £350
  • Additional questions are charged at £60 per hour.  

All prices are quoted excluding VAT which currently is charged at the current rate of 20%

General Additional Admin Charges

  • All out of contract works to be charged at £60 per hour.  (as of June 2023)

All prices are quoted excluding VAT which currently is charged at the current rate of 20%

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