Block Management

Whether you live in a brand new build or a Victorian mansion block we have the block management skills and experience to manage the property for you. Our key block management services include:

  • Site inspections
  • Management of contracts and contractors
  • Ensure compliance
  • Management of all plant on-site and emergency repairs
  • Collection of service charges
  • Management of legal and insurance requirements
  • Budget and financial management
  • Provide advice on management issues
  • Attendance of meetings with officers, where required

Wilson Hawkins Property Management of Harrow can save you money with by reducing your service charges, managing your block better so there are fewer problems, and solving your problems quickly. Additionally, we can manage a planned block upgrade at a pace to suit you. This is all part of the Block Management service from our experience property management team.

Here are just a few ways how we can help you manage your block more efficiently and effectively:

  • Dedicated Client Account Manager – we have a dedicated client account manager available for annual meetings at our offices or at your client site.
  • Online support ticketing – If you call or email us with a request, we will place it into our ‘ticketing system’, so that you can track your request’s progress at any time.
  • Secure online document handling – This will allow us to safely share documents with you online. You will have secure access to your property management files wherever you have access to the Internet and your password. The process works both ways – you can send us important documents the same way. It is all done securely; no-one else can have access to your information. This will make it quicker for you to receive important documents that need reviewing or signing.
  • Only quality contractors used – all contractors must submit client references and be suitably qualified. Additionally, they are assessed by our Block Management staff after they are used. Contracts must maintain a high standard, as assessed by our staff, to remain on our roster.
  • Excellent communication – We commit to our clients to respond promptly to your requests. Our on-line ticketing system allows our clients to see progress of any request in real time.
  • Value for Money – we ensure that we always are prices are fair and reasonable.
  • Data safety – you can be sure that we look after your data and keep it safe. We are registered correctly under the data protection legislation.
  • Legislation – we will ensure that your block is compliant with all of the current legislation, we keep abreast in any changes in the law as soon as they come onto the statute book.
  • Proactive Maintenance – By carefully monitoring the state of your block, we can be proactive in sorting out potential problems before they arise. Taking action early will save you money as repairs are carried out before they become extensive or affect other facilities.
  • Discuss costs and service in advance – We engage the directors of the block / development when calculating the service charge budgets and any discretionary expenditure. We ensure that directors are always aware of where the service charge funds are being spent.

Block Management services range from part management services, right through to complex estate management.

If your current Managing Agent is not living up to your expectation, whether they are failing to act proactively to prevent issues arising, not communicating with you properly or just not collecting your service charges promptly, then we can help you.

For property purchase or rental, see our sister company Wilson Hawkins Estate Agents.

Wilson Hawkins Property Management is the best choice for management of your block of flats or apartments.

Please call on 020 8869 7963 or e-mail for further information or assistance.