Lease Extension

Wilson Hawkins Property Management will explain why you will benefit from a lease extension. We guide you through the lease extension process. We will recommend the best surveyors and solicitors to help you achieve the lowest possible premium for your lease extension (of up to 90 years) incurring the minimum ground rent. UK Government site. 

Wilson Hawkins Property Management is your best choice for your lease extension, as:

  • we are very experienced and expert in organising lease extension
  • we guide you through the process, giving you clear information
  • we ensure everything is within the Leasehold Reform and Housing and Urban Development Act
  • you are advised of all costs before you need to make your decisions
  • if there are any problems with the claim (such as freeholder rejection), we can arrange for expert counsel to take up your case with the appropriate body
    we offer a full personal advice service with your own property management advisor

For many modern blocks of flats or apartments the lease length can be as very long as 999 years however for older properties the leases (and in some cases, modern ones), they may be much shorter. Here, there is often a need to extend the lease.

The main reason for the lease extension is that once the remaining term of a lease drops below 80 years, the cost of an extension of the lease usually starts to rises significantly. So, for leaseholders considering extending their lease, we advise that they should do so well before the 80-year threshold. We can help arrange all the paperwork and steer you through the process.

If your lease is less than 80 years but greater than 60 years, you are advised to obtain a lease extension, as leases of less than 60 years can prohibit or make it difficult to sell your property. This is because banks are often reluctant (especially in this economic climate) to lend against a short term lease.

If your lease is less than 60 years, please seek our advice on the best options open to you, especially if you are considering selling your property. Please call on 020 8869 7963 or e-mail for further information or assistance.

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